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professional CO2 Laser Power Supply

We supply 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W , 200W CO2 laser power supply.


• Input voltage: AC 220V+30 or AC 110V+20 (to be specified when placing order).

• Maximum output voltage:DC25KV/DC28KV/DC35KV/DC40KV

• Maximum output current:DC20mA/DC23mA/DC28mA/DC38mA

• Isolation Withstand voltage: Input-output, input-enclosure: AC2000V-10mA-60s; negative pole of output connected to enclosure

• Protection: with well-grounded enclosure, output circuit of power supply can be open for short time (but arc between positive pole and enclosure should be avoided).

• Response time (from time of input being available to the output current being up to nominal value): ≤1ms.

• TTL voltage level control: effective voltage level can be high or low through setting

• Protection switch: for detection of cooling water, to protect laser device; or activate with enclosure is opened

• Laser power adjustment: (1) by adjusting the output current of power supply through resistor; (2) through PWM control (magnitude being TTL voltage level)

• Environmental requirements: temperature (-10~ 40℃), relative humidity ≤85%.

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