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Laser Engraver 1490 (80w, 100w, 60+80w dual head,80+80w dual-head optional )


Model CL1490
Laser power 80W/ 100W, 60+80W, 80+80W dual -head optional)
Engraving area 1380×880mm
Platform size 1480×880mm
Appearance size 1770×1330×1155mm
Engraving speed 50-50000mm/min
Cutting speed <=18000mm/min
Cutting thickness <=20mm
Positioning precinsion +/-0.01mm
Resolution 1000dpi
Minimum shaping characters height:2.5mm
Electric lift platform Adjustable height:300mm
File format AI , BMP,PLT, DXF, DST
Compatible software CorelDraw, AutoCAD ,Photoshop, Illustrator
Laser Tube CO2 Glass Laser tube
Power supply AC 110 - 220V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power of machine <=1250W
Operating environment Temperature: 0 - +45, Humidity:35%-70%
Auxiliary rotary device (optional USD320.0)
Structure of machine Detachable

Packing List:

  1. 1490 model Laser engraving cutting machine with 60w/80w laser tube
  2. Air-condition water chiller
  3. Air pump
  4. Wind devince
  5. Professional engraving/cutting software Lasercut
  6. Softdog
  7. Manual
  8. Data wire
  9. Hard pipe for suck air
  10. Exhaust pipe
  11. Power wire
  12. Power strip
  13. Key
  14. Honeycomb table(USD100, optional)
  15. Rotary device(USD365,optional)
  16. Laser fume extraction system (optional,we suggest for the 1490 or 1612 model machine if need.)

Applicable Materials

Wood , ware , paper , marble , cloth , epoxy resin , density board , double-colored board , leather , plastic , acrylic , rubber , ceramic tile , crystal , onyx , bamboo ware and other non-metal materials .

Dual-head Laser Machine's Charcters

Exclusively supply dual-head laser machine in china , world-leading level large area engraving , unify optical , mechanism , electronics automatic control , computer control , software and kinds of high-tech ; with two separated laser systems , totally shield , working synchronization , multiple productivity . It features high precision , high speed , firmly , easy to maintain , etc.

Application industries:

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