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Desktop CO2 Laser Engraver(50X30)


Model CL5030
Laser power 40W/50W(optional add USD100)
Engraving area 500×350mm
Platform/Working table size 600X400mm
Engraving speed 800mm/s
Differentiate precision 0.025mm
Positioning precision 0.025mm
Resolution 1000dpi
Minimum shaping characters English height:1.0mm
Maximum Height Of Materials To Engrave 12cm
Up and Down Platform 25cm
File format BMP/DXF/PLT/AI
Compatible software CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator
Laser Tube CO2 Glass Laser tube
Power supply AC 110 - 220V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power of machine 500-1200W
Operating environment Temperature: 0 - +45, Humidity:35%-70%
Gross weight 130KG
Auxiliary rotary device (Optional USD320.0) Engraving diameter 100mm
Engraving Length: 220mm Max

Package list:

  1. 5030 model Laser engraving cutting machine and 40w/50w laser tube x1
  2. Small water pump plus water mouth x1
  3. Small fan plus fan mouth x1
  4. Air pump with 85W power plus air-wind tie-in and huff tube x1
  5. USB cable x1
  6. Power cord x1
  7. Smoke-ejected tube x1
  8. Instruction, Guarantee card x1
  9. Auto smoke-ejected socket x1
  10. Professional engraving/cutting software Lasecut x1

About the Lasercut software (comparing with the Newlydraw software):

Applicable materials:

Application industries:

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