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Semiconductor marking machine


Model No HSDP-50W HSDP-75W HSDP-100W
wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
output power 50W 75W 100w
Repetition rate ≤50kHz ≤50kHz ≤50kHz
marking scope 70X70mm、110mm×110mm、140×140 mm、175×175(optional) 70X70mm、110mm×110mm、145×145 mm、175×175(optional) 70X70mm、110mm×110mm、145×145 mm、175×175(optional)
marking depth ≤0.3mm ≤0.3mm ≤0.6mm
marking speed ≤7000mm/s ≤12000mm/s ≤12000mm/s
Min.line width 0.015mm 0.015mm 0.015mm
Min.chars. 0.3mm 0.3mm 0.3mm
Location&repeatability precision   ±0.003mm ±0.003mm ±0.003mm
power supply AC220V±10%/ 50Hz AC220V±10%/ 50Hz AC220V±10%/ 50Hz
whole power 2KW 2KW 2KW
location <5mW LD RED RAY ,wavelength 650nm<5mW <5mW LD RED RAY ,wavelength 650nm<5mW LD RED RAY ,wavelength 650nm<5mw
circulating water Deionized water, distilled water Deionized water, distilled water Deionized water, distilled water

Applicable materials:

Common metal and alloy, such as iron, brass, copper ,aluminum, zinc ,rare metal material like gold, silver ,titanium metal oxide and special surface treatment materials, ABB ,ink ,epoxy resin.

Application Industial:

Apply in electronic component hardware, tools ,IC ,electronic appliance ,mobile phone and communication, precise equipment, glass and clock .ornament, auto parts ,rubber key, architectural material. PVC tube, medical device,etc.

Sample Photos:

Widely apply to different kinds of consumer commodities, food beverage packaging, medicine packing, architecture, ceramic, costume and accessories, leather and wool, gift and crafts, nameplates, jeans, furniture ,etc
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